Florida DBPR reassures members that they will get grandfathered.

… and asks InterNACHI to apply for course approvals (our courses have already been received).


State of Florida licensed home inspector question:

“Proctored exams”? I’m certified through Nachi, but have not taken any proctored exams. This question may have been asked before and if so I appologize. I have taken exams through Nachi and the continued educational courses offered by Nachi, which are not proctored. It would be my understanding that I either must take a proctored exam or provide 120 inspections reports to the State of Florida DBPR. Is that your understanding also?

Another questions is why as a “mold assessor” all I have to provide is 40 invoices to prove my qualifications for grandfathering to DBPR. Yet as a home inspector, think of the amount of paperwork that will be wasted printing these report and sending to DBPR.

Ron Walker
email walkerinspections@hotmail.com

Ron, The first paragraph of your questions can be answered by visiting www.floridainternachi.org

Not sure about the mold invoice question but I’ll try to find out for you.

The qualification for Mold Assessor or Remediator also requires a education level equal to A.S. with a major in Biology or related courses. Being that the requirements are much stiffer the grandfather paperwork is less, at 40 invoices. This specific type of inspection is requested less than a “Pre-purchased Residential Inspection”
That is what the state has replied regarding the difference.
Hope this helps, Bill


The easiest way to become State Licensed is as follows:

  • Be a member of Internachi.

  • Sign up for the proctored test (offered by InterNACHI) and pay $100.00 to take the test. The test is essentially the same as InterNachi membership entry test, only it is given under a proctor - Zoe Fackler - The exam dates and locations are listed on InterNACHI message board. The test has about a 99% pass rate. Once you pass the test you are automatically a member of Florida InterNACHI (there is no additional fee for membership). You will be e-mailed your test results, which is your proof that you have passed a proctored test. You will sign and date the test result certificate and submit with your application. There is some controversey at the DBPR as to whether this certificate needs to be an original or not - some have been accepted and some have not. Nick and InterNACHI are working on clearing up the dilema.

  • Have at least 14 credits of education through InterNACHI. You will need to print out your Certificates to submit with your application as proof.

  • Obtain $300K in General Liability insurance. You can find this for under $300.00 (sole proprietor) through Andy Miller andy@leereedins.com

  • Get finger printed. Go online and find the nearest Pearson Vue - Set up an appointment tbe fingerprinted Electronically. I believe the fee is $57.50

  • Download printable State application and complete. Submit application with the above mentioned attachments and pay $330.00 application fee.

  • Track your application at DBPR link www.myfloridalicense.com

  • Or you can spend $200.00 and a day running the 120 reports, and $50.00 to mail a 60 lb package to the State, like some have done