Florida Dept. of Health proctoring State exam at NACHI Convention.


I would say with the line up of great education it would be a shame any inspector misses this one!

http://www.nachi.org/convention2006.htm AWESOME!

Hi to all,

I just got to remind everyone what a huge debt of gratitude we all owe Paul Sabados, the convention just could not be done without his expertise, for the second year running Paul has been instrumental in making the event happen.

Getting State and Federal representatives to attend the conference, is truely an achievement in itself, and shows the quality of the conference that he has put together.

Congrats Paul



Paul Sabados

A diamond hidden amongst us rough shods. Truly an asset to the NACHI ideals and its membership.

It will be a pleasure to watch as he is awarded the NACHI “Member of the Year” award at the convention. It’ll probably bring a tear to my eye. Way to go Paul.