I am studying the exam prep with 2200 such questions but there are many that was not covered in the 120 course and i am getting those wrong, should i be concerned or those most likly wont be on the real state exam. I am taking my test next week and dont feel ready yet or like i am going to pass. Any help will be great.

Do you honestly think every question on the exam will have been covered in every subject matter course ever written?
You should be concerned that if you are failing that many practice questions, that you do not know and/or understand the material. Memorizing the answers to an exam is not a good ‘game plan’ for many reasons.
Seems to me you need to go through the courses again, and again, and again until you can pass the practice test with at least a 98% PASS!
Good Luck!

You already failed


Im talking about the exam prep, many of the 2200 exam prep questions are not covered in the 120 he course so going over the course multiple times will have not any affect to helping me answer those questions.I have also seen this same issue mentioned in previous forums.

And I’m talking about… that if you know and understand the subject matter, not just memorizing details of the course, you will pass the exam!

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