Florida Four point form

For those of you that asked here is a pdf four point form. Just post a message to let me know what you think and if you are going to use it. Thanks

Tooo Long

Mine is still one page only i have 1000 completed have never had one kick back.

I agree. I have approx four questions on each section.

John, how new is this? One of our inspectors made a template in HIP off the one on the site a month or so ago.

This is just a modified Nachi approved four point form from a few years ago.

Got it, thanks. Just wanted to make sure we didn’t need to change anything as we’re including it in our update that’s about to be released and others have already downloaded & started to use it.

No you should be good. I just made this for some that asked. It would be interesting to see the finished result from HIP. I have other inspectors that are going to need software.

I looked over it, it looks like you did a nice job. Go ahead and download HIP from homeinspectorpro.com, I’ll forward you the template to contact@honorconstruction.com . Drew Levy is the one who made it.

I’m using a 1 page form for all 4 point insp. including citizen

could you send it to me also




thank you for the information

Hey Dominic,

Could you send me a copy of the 4 point?



Hey Dominic, could you also send that to me. Bill

Thank you Dominic.

Thank you John.


Dominic, can I please have that form as well?

Dominic, may I please have a copy of that form as well?