Florida grandfathering exam being given on June 3, 2010.


I’m ready and think this can be a real boost. Thank you Nick and Zoe

Hi Nick

I work with friends,inspecting in December and January in Florida. I wrote and passed the National home inspector Examination(EBPHI) back in January. Wrote at Parson in St.Peterburg.
How do I get a florida license prior to July.

No one can.

Nick -

I we have take 120 hours through Kaplan/ITA, passed the Nachi Exam, NHIE and have kept up with all of the CEU’s are we still going to have to take a test?


No (as things stand now).

Test will be in Riverview Fl, near Tampa. I e-mailed Zoe today with FLnachi and the reply was if 25 or more people showed interest in south fl. they would have a test set up down here. Anyone interested please email them.

Gordon, Count me in for South FL. Thank you

Is Riverview the only test to be given for “South” Florida? I’m at the gates to the Keys and just saw this now and wouldn’t be able to make this date. I will drive up to take the test but, I just now saw this. Any plans for a test a bit closer to home would also be appreciated. Thanks.


Zoe, Thank You for clarifying the Fl. grandfathering part of the new law. I’m happy to see that there’s more then one way to become lic’ed,over taking another test! So keep up the great work you and your better half are currently doing for all of us in fla.
by the way good meeting on the 15th… yet it’s still BUGGING ME… ha ha