FLORIDA HI licensing/ 2010

[size=2]When do you think the state will have the required “minimum requirements” to determine who can be grandfather in? :-({|=Time is passing and July 2010 will be here quite quick. ](,)It looks like everything will be done on the last minute and how are they going implement the law?:roll:[/size]*

1468.8324 Grandfather clause.–A person who performs home inspection services as defined in this part may qualify to be licensed by the department as a home inspector if the person meets the licensure requirements of this part by July 1, 2010.

Keep reading it over and over again. Eventually you will realize it actually says… There is no grandfather clause.

As of right now Brian is right, there is no grandfather clause.

Any idea if Florida will accept a licence from another state? I’ve got a guy here who is licensed who will be moving to Florida next summer.

Hell, the state does not even know what schools or classes will be accepted yet, I mean they still got 11 months, no rush.
It’s just money that will have to come out of our pockets, just to stay in business, which really sucks!!