Florida highway drones proposed, but not for tickets

Here it comes people !


Scary glimpse into things to come…

But my in-laws have a 2nd home in Venice area that we drive down to every year for vacation and I think I-75 is hands down the worst highway I’ve ever driven on and I’ve been lucky enough to have visited most metro areas around the country.

Last trip down a guy in a pickup got on the highway cut over 4 lanes, almost sideswiped me only to get off the road a mile down… I don’t think I’ve ever been on this road where there has been a smooth flow. It’s always 70 MPH, everyone slamming brakes to a complete stop, back up to 70, slam brakes and repeat.

So if this can help with that road I’m all for it in Florida…

Target Practice??? Just kidding, Please do not shoot drones, unless they shoot at you first. Might start happening soon if Hillary wins.