Florida Home Inspection Questions

I recently had a home inspection in Florida from a company that advertised your logo. We found several errors on our inspectors report as well as a few missed defects in our home. When we asked questions about the missed defects the owner’s response is coming off as defensive and denying any responsibility, that they are not required to find all defects and that his inspector found 24 defects, which he said was quite abnormal. He admitted his inspector made a few errors on the report, but was only going to send me a visa gift card in the amount of a new shower head that we found to be defective, among other things. The home was well taken care of and isn’t that old and most noted issues are minor, but the major defect he missed is a reversed hot/cold valve in our kids bathroom shower. I am not familiar with Florida HI laws, but this seems like an obvious defect that should have been found and is a safety issue as the water comes out very hot in the house. Are there any FL inspectors that can help answer a few questions about what is and what isn’t required to be reported in Florida?
Thank you!