Florida Home inspector Licensing up-date

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And we are still not going to tell you what or where you need to study or take until…:smiley:

Let the games begin.

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Thanks Gerry!

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This should be a circus - I called there today and nobody had any information about anything on this -

Directed them to there own website and the lady stated “”“Hmmm you are correct, however our website is done by a outside company”""

My goal is to retire before this comes around


I e mailed them and asked exactly how everything is going to be in place by July 2010 and everyone is going to be licensed at the same time. I also voiced my opinion regarding grandfathering.

They forwarded it to the Construction Industry Licensing Board as of 07.22.2009.

[last updated 7/22/09]
Senate Bill 2234 (2007), effective July 1, 2010, provides for licensure and regulation of home inspectors. Senate Bill 2234 does not provide for a Board of Home Inspectors. The program will be administered by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation. Prior to the effective date of the bill, the department will begin its implementation process, because rulemaking is necessary to establish education, examination and experience criteria.
Implementation: Over the summer of 2009, we will begin working with stakeholders to establish a regulatory structure for this profession. The department will work with its stakeholders to explore every feasible option, including certification examinations offered by nationally recognized organizations. Our desired goal is to have all requirements in place, including application forms and Web information, by July 1, 2010, so that we may begin accepting applications for licensure on that date. However, please bear in mind that the rulemaking process may be subject to challenges by interested parties that may require workshops or hearings. The department will ensure that all affected parties have ample opportunity for grandfathering or licensure prior to taking any enforcement activity.
Grandfathering: With regard to grandfathering, Section 468.8324, Florida Statutes, provides that persons who perform home inspections “may qualify to be licensed by the department…if the person meets the licensure requirements of this part by July 1, 2010.” As written, there appears to be no clear distinction between a grandfather applicant and applicants who have no prior home inspection experience. Part of our work this summer will be to work with stakeholders to develop recommendations to the Legislature to clarify the standards applicable to businesses who have historically provided this service.
Enforcement: After the law becomes effective, the department will ensure that all affected parties have ample opportunity for grandfathering or licensure prior to taking any enforcement activity.

Thanks Gerry. I think InterNachi should take the bull by it’s horns and try to get state approaval for their test.
I also believe like I said before. InterNachi should try to arrange for some kind of grandfather clause. There are far to many experienced home inspectors in the state that will suffer in some way if there is not a grandfather clause. They are established businesses with proven track records.