Florida home inspector

Since Florida is one of the few states that do not licensed Home Inspectors yet, do anyone know of any llitigation against any inspector in Florida in the past few years. It seems that most of the law suits are either occurs California or Texas (Licensed states for HI). Any feedback? regarding any case in Florida.:roll:

I don’t know all the particulars but I do know there are a few cases out there, just last year I was petitioned to be an expert wittiness in a case regarding a home inspector who was being sued over a termite inspection, I declined.

Jeff Hooper president of FABI has been involved in a half-dozen cases over the last five years or so you might want to check with him.

The suits I know of in FL all had to do with stucco/EIFS. That is why we built the stucco/EIFS vide course http://www.nachi.org/stucco-eifs.htm