Florida Home Inspectors win today

All of you have read the letter that the contractors sent out about SB 396. SB 396 went before the regulated industries committee today. That is where the contractors put on the big push last year to keep the repair clause. This year things were very different.

The contractors and their lobbyist didn’t do as well this year. The repair clause is still out and it doesn’t appear that it is going back in anytime soon. Now a division 1 contractor will also need an electricians and HVAC license if they want to be grandfathered under SB 396.

Strike up one for the home inspectors.

He is a link to the new amendment that was added.


Thanks for the update Greg. It is nice to find someone who is up to date on the goings on in Tallahassee.

Thank You once again Greg----U da man !

Thanks for the kind words but there are many people working on this now.

Richard is doing a great job at keeping FLNACHI members informed.

Steve has always done a great job for FLASHI and every Florida Home Inspector.

Wayne Bertsch is doing an excellent job in Tallassee.

Add all of that together and the Florida Home Inspector is in good hands now.

Thank you Greg finally some good news.

Thank you Greg and Others,

For all that you do and keeping us well informed.

Finally everyone working together…

Great job Greg and the others.

Thank you Greg, Richard, Steve, Wayne and others for all your work on this.

Thanks Greg, way to keep us informed.

For more info on what has and is going on http://flnachi.org/hilegislation.html

Thank you Greg

Great work Greg. Your an asset to the profession for sure.

Greg I have said it many times before and I am grateful that you are keeping us informed. Your dedication to the profession is beyond the call of duty. Thanks for taking time out of your personal life and professional life to keep us informed.

If you need anything that I can help with, I am just a phone call away…

I am not sure I always agree but the members of this group are lucky that they have an ombudsman such as yourself looking out for them.

Bruce Gregory
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Thanks Greg!!

There are going to be some really PO’d contractors out there.

Thanks Greg

Thanks Greg. Let us all know what we need to do to help you help all of us. I am sure all of your hard work is very appreciated by all.

How does an electrical contractor get a mech license legally, see the prereqs on both