Florida homes may be selling soon....to Canadians

One of our national Tv channels had a spot tonight where a seminar was held in Toronto to promote distressed and cheap Florida properties for sale. It was essentially a packed hall with folks ready to buy at $1.05US to the $1CAN!!

Brian where have you been? About 50% of the inspections we do are for Canadians. Mostly from the Toronto area.

The developement I live in is over 50% Canadian. I love it. Good people, love their wine, food and love to be friendly and whats more importants. ONLY 6 months MAXIMUM! I have the entire golf course to myself in the summer!

I have been getting 3 or 4 Canadian clients per week for a couple of years now. Like Russell said, they’re great. They’re seldom at the inspection, they only come down for a few months per year, and they spend money here then leave!:mrgreen:

I be in Canada…,knew that quite a few of us went to FLA…but not in the #'s your talking about.

You can have your summers…much too hot and humid from what I can determine.

There’s definitely a sales push going on in Toronto now!

Most leave here about Easter but my neighbors aren’t leaving ever.

Russell Be aware those Canadians are just pulling the wool over your eyes , the plot is buy from the south up . Eventually you will be seeing Health care and speed signs change to Kilometers . And all french fries will come with vinegar. Remember they walk among you. Psst, just listen to how they say about ( giveaway) Damn Canadians lol

Bring it on! You betcha, eh.

Baseball will be replaced with Ice Hockey.

Americans will have to be polite.

The end of American society as we know it.
I knew we should have invaded Canada years ago.

Wayne every Canadian I have met in 10 years here loves our healthcare.

Thats because we buy extra coverage to cover the extra cost in the usa .
With $1,000;00 deductable 180 day coverage is about $1,500;00 each for Char and me. $5,000.00 deductable the cost is about $1,050.00 each

Yes Roy I have heard that and seen them go back when time was up. I have 2 friends that came here to get care that was scheduled there 9 months out up there and stayed. But I dont want to highjack this thread. lol I will let it go to the ones that like to argue. Have a great day Roy. Come down for a visit sometime

They are being Polite and do not have to pay it year after year lol

Have a great day Wayne living the dream

Join with me James, we will make a run , I figure it would only take a couple hundred to over run them. Psst i know the back roads . I will teach you the way of the canuk so you blend in :wink:

I love Florida and do visit often .
Our Best Friends are from NJ and now live in Coco Beach.
We go there every year and they come here every year .
What a great life we all live , Seeing what goes on in the rest of the world I am glad how we all can get along here .
The street I live on has 8 houses and two have bought places in the south.
WE made 13 trips to USA last year .


I watched a lot of the McKensie Brothers when I was younger. Does that count?

Well that will get you a little credit , What will hinge on how much beer you can drink. And if you can identify true Canadain bacon . Always use vinegar with your fries lol

I know how we can invade Canada. We will get some tractors. http://www.nachi.org/forum/f48/walmart-parking-lot-59922/#post771332

"I knew we should have invaded Canada years ago."

You tried in 1812 and we threw you out. Canada is the only country to have defeated America on the field of battle! :smiley: