Florida Inspectors Advertising WDO Inspections

The Florida Dept of Agriculture is scanning Florida home inspector web sites to see if they are advertising WDO inspections. If you are the listing needs to show the consumer that your company is not performing the inspection unless you are a licensed CPCO.

Your listing should state:

WDO Inspections performed by XYZ Pest Control Company

They just fined one Florida inspector $6000 for practicing pest control without a license. The fine was issued just from looking at how he advertised WDO inspections on his web site.

Thanks for the information Greg. I am in the process of adding information on WDO inspections on my website. Your timing is much appreciated.

Is mine OK?


Nope, you cannot offer to contract for a service you are not licensed to provide. There has to be a complete disconnect from the company that you use.



So if we use the “T” word in a report are we going to jail?:smiley:

No the chair, its a capital offence :frowning:


This is a direct result of HI’s encroaching of another industry’s turf.

Considering that when someone encroaches on our turf we get our freakin panties in a wad…its safe to assume that the pest control industry has a valid point.

“Bundling” of services is only good for some, but separating services and acknowleding our partners benefits all. One day we’ll get a clue.

Actually, it has nothing do do with encroachment. It has to do with the law. The law states that you cannot advertise termite inspections unless you hold the proper license. It has been like this for a long time. Now they are enforcing it because 1) they need the money and 2)someone screwed up.

You could be right but I find it hard to believe that the States Attorney would get out of his chair just because someone screwed up. From what I’ve heard, a pest related trade association with a very large voice is behind this.

You’re both right!:D:D

I got a call just the other day from a lady (At least I assume she was a lady:cool:), asking for a home inspection. She asked if I do the termite inspection, and then actually used the term “WDO”. When I told her I do not do the “WDO” inspection, but I have a great pest control company that I can recommend, who is very reasonable, she got off the phone very quickly, saying she needed someone to do the “whole thing right away.”
I didn’t think anything of it, until I read this thread… maybe they’re trying to get people by phone as well…

So this begs the question… What does one need to do to be able to properly do WDO inspections in the Sunshine state?

Go here http://www.doacs.state.fl.us/onestop/aes/pestcont.html

So, in order to do WDO inspections, Florida requires a Pest Control Operator license and the business must have a Pest Control Business license and carry GL insurance. Thanks for posting that link David.

Yes, and InterNACHI is about to change that in FL.

has there been any forward movement to becoming a licensed WDO inspector in Florida?

Nothing has changed, you must work for a Pest Control Operator and be an “ID” card holder.

Nick did you ever get anything changed?


I know this is a super old thread but it came up when I was searching this morning. So how do I properly advertise that I am licensed to do WDO inspections in Florida on my website (not yet finished)?

I am in fact an employee of a Pest Control Company with a CPO ID card/license in addition to having my separate HI license & company. Can I just list my JE license number or do I need to clearly list/distinguish that the WDO inspections are done by me but through XYZ Pest Control? Also how does this affect how I have my WDO license listed on my business cards, (e)mailers, & car magnets?

Thanks in advance :smiley: