Florida Insurance Agent Mailing List Finally Available

I have finally compiled. edited and sorted all the licensed Insurance agents and adjusters for the State of Florida, I have also added the county name and agent type to each listing .

The output will be 30 label ready listings per report page, in other words if you ordered 300 listings you would get a file of 10 pages formated with 30 names and addresses on each page in label format meeting the criteria of the Avery 5160 laser printable sheet of labels. Anyway, this insurance listing project is capitalism, pure and simple so if you have any interest in acquiring any of these label ready listings, please contact me at the email address below as I do not want to add an additional burden to the forum. Please type ‘Insurance Agent Listings’ in the Subject line, thank you.


Bruce Gregory, InterNACHI Certified HI# 10120503
Florida Home Inspector 1167, Florida Mold Assessor 450
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