Florida InterNACHI eNewsletter March 15, 2011.

Florida InterNACHI eNewsletter

Where is the repeal support?

I tried to send e-mails to the senators listed in the newsletter and all of them got returned with a message that I was sending to an unknown address. I then called Senator Wise’s office and found out that his e-mail address is wise.stephen.web@flsenate.gov NOT stephen.wise.web@flsenate.gov as is listed in the newsletter link. That is probably why all my e-mails got returned. You may want to correct the addresses so others do not have the same problem.

I usually just go to their websites and that way it gets through every time. Same for the Gov.

Thanks Doug

Phone calls are very powerful.

I only had Rep. Wise email returned, so I wait to his website. All the others work for me.

Thank you for the info.

Whats up with this repeal effort???

Collect $$$$$$, then make you unlicensed again. HUH!!!:shock:

Who does it benefit to repeal all these licenses, who’s next contractors, lawyers, and for crying out loud Doctors???


I hate to bust your bubble but Home Inspectors are not in the same class as those you have mentioned and having a license does not put you there. Years of education and a lifetime of experience does that.

That kind of thinking is why there should not be a license. Just because you have a piece of paper does not mean you know crap.

If you ordered a pizza with your credit card and discovered, upon delivery, that the drunken delivery driver had puked inside the box that contained it…would you still eat it?

Those for licensing likely would. :slight_smile:

Just trying to understand the thought process behind the idea of “I already paid my fee so let’s keep a law that will destroy my profession.”

This line of reasoning would only make sense to me if it were someone who planned to get in, make a quick buck and get out. I think that licensing is bad idea…but even if I felt it was a good idea, I would not accept a bad law. For those who plan to be doing this work for a while, there is plenty of time to pass a good one (assuming there is such a thing).

Dumb assedness. They feel professional with it.

LMAO…awesome perspective

Take away your license and what are you…

A professional with an excellent reputation. Same as i am with the over priced pieced of paper.

Tom do you not see that all the folks here that are highly respected by their peers do not agree with you?

They agree with me on this one thing and few around here agree with me on much. :slight_smile:

Meeker —I feel the love for ya ! NICE :wink:

There is some.
The phone calls and emails keep on arriving.