Florida InterNACHI web site up and running

Check out

all our cuurent members are listed here.
We are also building the informational pages.

More to come.

Cool beans and nice work.

Great site. could you please change my sites address to http://homeinspection.meekerindustries.com/ the other site is just my wind mit page. I do not think that the site has a contact us link.

Great Site Zoe…

How does one become a member? :stuck_out_tongue:

Great work Zoe,
For some reason my last name double printed. Can you fix this ?
Also can you e-mail me the information to send in for my License to the state of Florida.
Thank you.

Email, achomeinspections@yahoo.com


It reflects the information shown on your personal InterNACHI profile.
You have to go in and correct that infoamtion your self as I have no access.

I have your correct web info on my own records - though. But you really should update your InterNACHI profile so clients can hire you and pay you the BIG bucks.

Just sent you an e-mail with them attached - you should also have received them with 48 hours of the exam if you did not get them at the test site. (which is really odd)

Great job Zoe. Thank you for your dedication and hard work.