Florida InterNACHI

Where can I found the Application for Certification Membership Florida InterNACHI, so I can fill it out on line and send it in. I am in West Palm Beach, FL.


Go to this site http://fl.nachi.org/info/info749.html

In order to become a Florida InterNACHI Memeber, you must first pass the Proctored Exam which cost $100.00 to take. Once you have passed the exam, your Florida membership is automatic. Contact Zoe Fackler, she is the Proctor . I do not believe they have released the August dates for the proctored exam as of yet. You may also want to visit the following site regarding State Licensing requirements at www.floridainternachi.org/

As stated by Zoe:
Please keep in mind - you are not required to join Florida interNACHI to retain your InterNACHI membership / certification. But you MUST either be or become an interNACHI certified member in good standing to qualify as a Florida interNACHI certified member in addition to passing the proctored exam.

Each exam cost is $100.00. You are provided 3 opportunities per exam to pass. Exam sites are only set up in areas where membership interest is known to exist. If you are interested in joining – please complete the application on page 2 – and e-mail back to: FLNACHI@verizon.net.
You will then be notified of the exam schedule and site nearest you

e-mail me at flnachi@verizon.net, or call 813-677-9287.
Thank you
Zoe Fackler Florida InterNACHI President

More info at www.floridainternachi.org

Also, William, for the future, we have dedicated forums for Florida here: http://www.nachi.org/forum/f73/ and Licensing here: http://www.nachi.org/forum/f14/