Florida Law

We all know about the law about not working on or inspecting same home within a year.

If a roofer replaces a roof and then turns around and does the wind mit for the homeowner , is that legal?

Just asking so I know for sure and can answer next time somebody asks me.

What law says we can’t inspect the same house for a year?

Yes it is legal.

Legal if the roofer is also a Division I contractor or home inspector.


Thanks Bradley. That pretty much clears it up. I was going to do the research but sometimes that takes a while.

The regulations regarding working on homes we perform Home Inspections on only applies to Home Inspection and those holding an HI licenses. It does not apply to wind mits etc.

It does not apply to roofer or any licensed contractor unless they performed a complete Home Inspection. If a roofer inspects everything but the AC for example, it’s not a Home Inspection and he can repair anything he is licensed to repair. Neither can he call the partial inspection a Home Inspection, etc.

There is nothing preventing a contractor of any type from inspecting what’s in their scope of licenses and doing a repair or vice versa.

That is the arguement of CGC, CBC, and CRC. When we build a structure, we are 100% responsible for the entire structure and all it’s systems. Yet, HI law attempts to limit our scope to structure only. It should simply be a matter of ethics. Just like a lawyer can’t solicit an accident victim directly. No one should be allowed to directly use the Home Inspection industry as way of generating construction work.

Let’s say the an HI/GC has two separate companies. He does inspections under one, then does repairs under the other. Definitely not ethical, but is it legal?

No it is not legal if both companies are in his name. It is in the regs linked above.

As I read that it only refers to repairs. You can inspect the same house as many times as you are hired to do so. I have inspected one home 4 times. The 5th buyer didn’t bother to hire me when I told him he would be the 5th buyer I have inspected the property for.

You are correct and I have done same.

I take it he walked away from the home?