Florida License 2010

Nick: By now the meeting is over. How many inspectors attended both sections? Any feedback?


I met Harvey a couple years ago, just received this out of the blue. I thought I’d share it. With all the people that went to the previous meeting, very little info has come out of it. I intend to go to the Orlando meeting (get to use our condo there) and the rest of our guys will go to Ft Lauderdale.

Dear Doug,
I just wanted to give you a heads up of the recent DBPR Stakeholders Meeting which were held in Tallahassee and Jacksonville for the Mold Inspection and Related Services Licensing which is scheduled to take effect July 2010.
I, along with Dr. McMonagle, attended both meetings…and boy am I glad we did!
The best news that I can share with you is that DBPR is OPEN to our input and by the looks and conversations we had with them it seems that they understand our needs and are looking to accommodate where legally they are able.
Doug, it is no secret that they are unprepared and are scrambling to get better acquainted with the lingo and the professional differences that make up our profession. As a matter of fact, they flat out voiced it during their opening statements. The truth is, I was humbled by their willingness to ask for input rather than to just come out of the gate with “guns-a-blaring!”
There are still two more of these meetings scheduled (October 13 and 14) and you can be sure that we at IEAQC intend to be present again at both, to be sure that no surprises are added somewhere down the road that may leave you or others on the sidelines.
Don’t forget, if there is anything that you have questions about, or if you would like to email me some suggestions prior to the next meeting please let me know. You can email me directly at HarveyGordon@IEAQC.org](http://us.mc597.mail.yahoo.com/mc/compose?to=HarveyGordon@IEAQC.org)
I will be sure to email you after the last meeting with a bullet list of the key points and any info that you may need to “get ready”.
**Harvey Gordon, AIEH **President