Florida license & dbpr

just got off the phone with DBPR since my 44 lb application was delivered I wanted to see if they had a time frame for sending out the license. The woman told me that no license will be sent out until March of 2011, and made the comment they wanted to see what kind of response they got before sending out any license.
Another case of hurry up and wait.
$330 x 1000+ inspectors x --% interest =

Hurry up and wait,(Miami Style)… The story of my life…

Smile the government loves you :slight_smile:

That’s Flori-dah

What does she mean wait and see. What difference will it make? I was getting ready to fill out the app right now. I wonder if no one applies if they will just ditch the whole idea? I can’t get that lucky. If anyone hears that they will actually give you a license when you turn in you app please let us know. I would hate to spend the money now and not get anything at all.

Save your money and wait / they are swamped with applications now.:twisted:

“Why would someone hire an unlicensed inspector?” may soon be the most common phase used by some when season starts.

$330.00 times how many adds up to 5% untill March for Florida but I bet they are thinking of giving us a Steak Fry with the 5%.

Just had an email from a friend who found his application status on line; his application number is 1. (for mold)
Will be interesting to see how long his license takes. We are one day behind him, I believe.
After 5 years and hundreds of letters, we can wait a little longer for the mold license. :slight_smile:

I’m going to do business as always. I applied, and when they get around to it I will be licenced. Until then who cares. The government is inept. Besides they cant enforce anything until next July.


Interesting view
I just received an email from a friend who made the opposite point.

We are concerned about the mold license but I can’t help but think some will use the same logic for the HI license.

The local Realtor trade shows start in the fall around here. If the licenses are out by then we may well see which point of view is best.


I called them today and they told me there was a 2 to 3 week turn around time.

[quote=“jperez, post:11, topic:50725”]

I called them today and they told me there was a 2 to 3 week turn

Is that for the new home inspection license?

Yes, for the home inspection license. My wife called a few days earlier and they told her 6 weeks.

Call on Monday and it could be 9 weeks. I have heard it could be as long as next March.

I don’t get it… is it march or sooner? Figures you call them and get two different answers.


It is my understanding that you have until March to comply and get your license. They will issue them before then, but no enforcement will take place before then. I am sure there will be inspectors saying that they are licensed by the state when they get their license, which will partially be true, and it will cause confusion in the real estate industry because enforcement does not start until march. Let the fun and games begin.

All State and National associations are communicating with the DBPR on a regular basis to keep a firm handle on the progression of both Home Inspection and also Mold Licensing.
The DBPR has remained adamant that once your application is
" RECIEVED" , and if you qualify -you will receive a license in 15 to 30 days.

I don’t follow you, once you get your license you are 100% licensed, what others do are don’t do does not effect that.

I personally spoke to DBPR, they said 2-3 weeks after application has been approved.

For those of you who are interested, I submitted my application on 7/1/2010 through grandfathering and if you search on the DPBR site, you will see that I am already approved and have license Number 3.

They appear to be working on the ones that are grandfathering without the 120 inspections.

7-10 days later I should be receiving my documentation. :):):):):slight_smile: