Florida license & dbpr

I would have to agree. Inspectors that wait on licensing are still in compliance with existing regulations, just can’t claim that they are State Licensed.

Can’t wait to see what the home inspectors will do that have been advertising that they are licensed all along. These inspectors have been referring to their occupational license as if it were a State license. Won’t be able to use that grey area anymore now that there is an official license available – even if its not required as of yet.

Even though you may get your license, and probably tout that your have it, the enforcement of the law does not go into effect until March of 2011. Those that use it in their marketing may be violating the law, as the standards of practice have not yet been decided upon or published. On the web site it says “under development”.

Generally speaking when a state dictates licensing you are usually required to post your license # on all of your marketing material including work vehicles


That is definelty true. Does that start when you get the license or when enforcement takes place?

I don’t know about others but I will start as soon as I get my #, in fact I need to reorder cards and have put it off just for this reason, this is just a business decision on my part, you my elect not to, that is up to you.

I agree with Bruce. While i just got cards recently and don’t want to waste the new ones, i will have it on our brochures and website information. This is very important when dealing with certain realtors, property managers and service providers.

[quote=“wsiegel, post:22, topic:50725”]

Those that use it in their marketing may be violating the law, as the standards of practice have not yet been decided upon or published.

Lets be realistic here, this is a phase in of licensing. I don’t believe there is any way that you can be in violation of law by advertising that you are duly licensed and in compliance with State regualtions. Just because enforcement doesn’t start until a later date does not mean that you can not benefit from the license that is now available. Again, you don’t have to b licensed yet, but you can if you want. Can’t agree that the State would ever issue a license, and say that you can’t use it or advertise it. The question that I would ask is this “when do we have to change are advertising material to include our license number?” When we receive the license? or after the March deadline?

I agree that DBPR does not have all the ducks in the water as yet
It sounds like your getting stuck on “have to” as opposed to"want to"
I can remember some the the bill language that would have required us to list the number
of inspection completed on our marketing material, which alot of people had a problem with.
there is still a long way to go with this and we can only hope they get if figured out before
March 2011

quote]I agree that DBPR does not have all the ducks in the water as yet

After dealing with the FL DOH for 10 years - yuk, I have really been impressed by the DBPR. They listed me in the wrong county but I’m still very happy with their efforts. :):slight_smile:

Having worked with many states during implementation of licensing, I will say that Florida’s DBPR is by far the best. The 4 stakeholder meetings (I am the only person who attended all 4) they held were very useful for preparing the Department and InterNACHI.

Nick, I hate to burst your bubble, but you were not the only one at all four meeting. FABI had the same representative at all four also.

I only went to one stakeholder meeting, Orlando. Sat quietly through the Home inspector meeting and made one suggestion during the mold meeting. The DBPR took my suggestion almost word for word and it became law.

“A mold assessor shall maintain [FONT=Arial]general liability and errors and omissions for both preliminary and post remediation mold assessment insurance coverage in an amount of at least $1 million.”[/FONT]

I became the second licensed mold assessor yesterday.
Now, why would anyone recommend or hire a mold inspector that does not qualify for a license?
The application was simple, 8 pages, finding their high school diploma was the most difficult part of the process for the (old) guys in our office. We should have 4 licensed within a week.

Gene Yacobacci from RMS (Charlotte County) became the 1st licensed mold remediator in Florida. License #1
Donald Bickford was the 1st Florida Mold Assessor licensed in the state of Florida.

Checked the status of my application online today and got the following notice:

Form Completed - Deficient - Application Incomplete

I called them (Customer Contact Center 850-487-1395) to get clarification on the “**Deficient” **items. They were very helpful, and told me that a letter went out in the mail yesterday explaining my deficiencies. She also explained what they were – The first item was that I had not completed the third page of the application. This is the page where you explain your answers to the background questions on the previous page. O.K. so on the previous page I had checked the YES box on item 1 (since I had a traffic offense), and I checked the NO box for items 2, 3 & 4. On page three I filled out the first Section III (b) with info pertaining to my traffic offense, and marked the two remaining Section III (b) as “N/A”. The helpful lady on the phone agreed that it appeared that I had sufficiently completed that portion of the application, but her department was not actually processing the applications so I would have to respond to the letter once I received it and explain to them that I have completed page three. She suggested that I ask them to call me in my response letter, apparently you cannot call the processing department directly.

The second item that I was deficient in was that I did not provide them with sufficient evidence that I had passed a proctored exam. The info she had was that the info I submitted did not refer to the exam as being proctored. Well ---- I had submitted the “Examination for Certification Membership Florida InterNACHI” that I had received from Zoe Fackler. I must agree that the Certificate does not specifically say that the exam was proctored, but it does say “proctors signature” next to Zoe’s signature. Also, taking a proctored exam is a prerequisite to joining Florida InterNACHI, and I submitted my Florida InterNACHI membership with my application as well. The reason i bring this up is because I beleive that some licenses have already been issued,and if that is the case, then maybe there are several different people reviewing the applications. Some accept the form and some don’t. Either that or there is something else that i should have submitted that i am unaware of. Oops, i did just realize that there is a place on this test certification sheet (or whatever it is called) that is suppose to be signed by the test taker. I did not sign the one that i sent with my application. Maybe that is why it was returned. Duh. If you haven’t sent in your application yet, make sure that you sign the “Examination for Certification Membership Florida InterNACHI”. Is anyone else getting deficientcy notices on their application?

ps - They gave me the following fax number to send correspondence to
Fax: (850) 921-6636
Attn: Central Intake

As of this morning I am approved by the state of florida and am license #12:D let the games begin

You are #10 according to their records.