Florida license in 2010

Does the NACHI certification qualify me for the license requirements in Florida set to go into effect in 2010

Not as presently written. But DBPR has no information about how the law will be instituted.

And there is no office of home inspectors open yet.

And Florida is broke, so don’t hold your breath.

A bill was signed by the Governor requiring home inpectors and mold inspectors to be licensed by July 2010. This in florida would be handled by the DBPR. Of course the charge a fee and require 14 hours of continueing education each year as they do for my General Contractors License. Should someone be looking into having NACHI be a licensed provider of this continuing education and initial testing that they require,

DBPR has no information, and no budget to institute the law. I was told last week that they do not know if any law passed after 2005 that has not been instituted and requires funding will be instituted in the forseeable future. Several of us call DBPR periodically, some regularly, and I’m quite sure as soon as anyone knows anything it will be posted here. Since you just joined us in December, do a search on FL licensing and you’ll see all of the debate and the work that was done by many on both sides of the issue.

Round and round we go. Where this stops, who knows. Florida, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Missouri; who’s next? Same sh… different thread. States will institute home inspection laws, with no money to impliment, run, or enforce, with incompetent realtors, agents, attorneys, all who do not know a dam thing about what they are doing. Typical government BS and politics. All legislatures nation wide need to get off there as… and do their job. Get it right, or get off the pot, or both.

Truth is most States should probably take a year or two and pass no new laws but spend those two years repealing old laws that are no good, costs too much and or do nothing to improve the lives of their citizens. Clean up the way we do business and become leaner and more efficient. Oh, I forgot, we are talking about Government.

I will tell you a quick (long) story about how government works…:frowning:

Last week I saw an inspectors truck in my neighborhood that I did not recognize as being licensed in my county. (My county is the only one in FL that has a Home Inspection Contractors License) I came into my office to check him out, and what did I see but that I was not on the licensed inspector list. All of my stuff is in order. My contractor license isn’t due until the end of Sept. 2009, and my annual Occupational license was renewed in Sept. 2008.:shock:

So…I called down to the county licensing office and asked why I wasn’t listed among the inspectors. The lady who answered wasn’t overly polite or helpful but she said she would look it up. She came back on the phone about 10 minutes later and said “well, you know you have to renew your occupational license every year and you didn’t”. When I told her I was holding it in my hand, she asked me to fax it to her. I asked her why, since you sent it to me in the mail and it should be on her computer…

Her answer was, “no, the tax collectors office sent you the occupational license, and they no longer tell us when they are renewed, we’ve had a big problem with it”.:twisted:

I was never notified that my license was on hold, or anything. This is a local county government in a county of less than 100,000 people. Can you imagine what goes on (or doesn’t) at the Federal level?:roll:

If you knew you would not be able to sleep at night.

No decisions have been made by DPBR, I was told all of the loose ends will be handled by one person who has yet to be named. What you left out is the 80 hour initial course that everyone will have to take prior to being issued a license. As of today there is no syllabus or approved schools to deliver this course. I would not be surprised if the 2010 date was pushed out either due to lack of funding or simply being unprepared.