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What is the process for the DBPR in approving classes and requirements? If we want to get a jump on being prepared to take the right approved course and exam and any other requirements, when can this information be available to us? Will there be any credits for your inspections performed and time in business that will go toward the educational requirements? Does anyone have a heads up on this information?

You should know by June 30, 2010

Ain’t that the truth :twisted:

All I can add, is to ensure that over the next few years that you take every opportunity to proove that you are performing home inspections and that ALL of your primary/continuing education is well documented.

Plan on having to proove your case in 2010

(wasn’t that an Arthur C. Clark book??, 2010… the dark side of home inspection) :shock:



Me thinks that we need a little more information

I am sure it is out there and the big $$ school boys all ready know the bottom line

Stand by for their web sites — I see a lot of $$ to be made

And where are they going to get all the instructors??

NACHI members

Who is better???


You can learn the latest on licensing at Octoberspect conference in Saint Augustine Sept. 21-23. State Rep Wise (the author of the licensing bill) will be the keynote speaker. Also, Larry Cerro of Tallahassee will be presenting a class on the new licensing law and how to comply. See attachment. Gerry Beaumont will be presenting a class on manufactured housing inspections and Greg Bell and Joe Burkeson will be teaching their ICC code prep class. All inspectors across all associations as well as non affiliated inspectors are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Nothing is known at this time. No courses have been approved as to this time. The bill is basically a blueprint with not plans at this time. All of this will take time to set up and no one know when or how at this time. As Greg said, the best thing you can do at this time is document.

Damn, your spies are good Greg, didn’t see you this weekend and you got all the info already. I think you should qualify for some CEU’s.

BTW, the manufactured homes couse I am doing for FLASHI next weekend is the Illinois approved version for 6 hours CE we will be doing a proctored exam on the back end of the course and will issue completion certificates to those who pass.

I am hoping that when the state figures out what it is doing over pre-licensing education that courses like this will be allowed into consideration.




Where are you doing the class?

I like that Greg.

Hi Scott,

It is in St Augustine next Saturday at the FLASHI event, it’s being held at the Renaissance at World Golf Village, here’s the link