Florida Licensing Exam Preparation

Hi there,

I am based out of Florida and preparing to take the national exam. I am hoping to receive some feed back from people who have taken the exam.

I have completed all of the course work. Is there a specific area I should concentrate on? Is the test more in line with the information in the books and class or on line?

Any input would be much appreciated.


There is a lot of questions on the test that cover areas that we don’t get to see in Florida.

What course work are you speaking of?

Thanks for the reply Greg. I am referring to the 80 hours course work on line and the live 40 hour course. I have the Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical and Roof books that are printed by Nachi but the on line course seems go more into detail about structural issues.

What kind of stuff are you referring to? Boilers, Sumps, wells?

Just to name a few. We do have Wells.

Thank you.

Regarding your question, once you have completed the required study it is suggested that you study the SOP very well as my feedback from the successful tested is that the NHIE is about 50-60% SOP.


Thank you William. I will put a little more emphasis on the SOP. Nick, I see link to the practice exam. It states that it should be able to be passed by an entry level inspector however I wonder how in line this is with the National exam.

The NHIE is basically a memory exam that uses home inspection trivia to test your memory. It is not a true exam that measures inspector competence or understanding.

That is my concern. If any one has any feed back as to the subject material that may have not expected to see on the exam or subject that may have given them a hard time after reading all the NACHI books and tests, please give me a shout. I want to be prepared for this.



While I respectfully disagree with Nick, the NHIE is still considered the primary exam for home inspectors around the country. Without any questions, there are items on the exam that may not have alot to do with the houses we inspect in Florida, but it is still an excellent measuring stick.

While in Palm Beach County, we may not have items like gas heating systems, our sister office in Tampa has them quite often.

This is what we ask our inspectors to take for their licensing prerequisite for getting their Florida license…