Florida Licensing

I am more convinced than ever that we won’t have state licensing in 2010 after reading this article.


I have to disagree with you on this one. My understanding that the Bill was signed and passed and the fact that the State is in need of extra monies it would make sense that licensing fees may go up and I’m confindent that the State will pursue this Bill. Regulation is in the best intest of all home buyers.

Like most government boondoggles no money has been appropriated for this friggin’ mess, it will need at some point in the future to be funded and that hasn’t happened yet. Furthermore, those in the know are clueless as to how & when this will happen. It may someday become a real law but in the meantime I would not be surprised to see them push the effective date out once again to sometime in the future.

Florida ASHI is hosting a 1 day conference Saturday September 27th in Jacksonville. Charles Gifford will be speaking on the latest info on the licensing law. All are welcome to attend. For more info on the event, see the following link: http://www.ashifl.com/content.aspx

Greg and Joe, Hope to see you there.

Steve Taylor
Taylor Inspection Services, Inc.
Atlantic Beach, Florida 32233

Lets look at a few facts.

  1. The bill has not been funded.
    2 This bill offers no protection to the home buyer.
  2. Licensing of home inspectors will cost the state money not putting any money into it.
  3. No decisions have been made yet on a SOP, a test and a approved course.
  4. The state is facing budget deficits like never before. I don’t expect that to change before 2010.

I doubt that the state will be able to put all of this together in the time frame left.

As with most things time will tell.