Florida Life Expectancy Chart now online!

Thank you to everyone who participated in updating our Estimated Life Expectancy Chart by providing us with suggestions for items and clarifying language so that we can have a document ready to go that you can both refer to yourselves and provide to your clients.

Please look it over because it has a lot of changes, including language added at the beginning and for the individual categories that states that certain conditions will affect some components’ lifespans: Florida Life Expectancy Chart.

Make sure that you replace the older chart on your websites with the updated one.

After reviewing the chart, please let us know if there are any items you strongly disagree with (and why), as well as standard items that still need to be added. (Yes, prizes are still available! :razz:) This is a “living document” and subject to update when we have a compelling reason to do so. Our information comes from a wide variety of sources, especially YOU, so let us know how we can make improvements.

One of our resident researcher-authors, Kenton Shepard, is working on an article regarding the lifespan of fasteners and the various conditions that affect them, and this info will be folded into our charts when that’s done.

Thanks again for all your help, and post your comments here or contact me directly if you have any more suggestions.

It doesn’t look like any changes were made to the chart?

Thanks Kate

Our updated chart has been updated yet again, and includes the modified heading “Fasteners, Connectors & Steel,” which reflects a more accurate category and their items.

We’ll be revising that category as necessary once we get Kenton Shepard’s upcoming article regarding fasteners, and we’ll announce it on the website as soon as it’s posted.

Thanks for all your help, everybody!

The roofing portion hasn’t been changed at all. Am I missing something?

Last of the FL research (except for fasteners) is coming in now… almost done.

On the opening for the swimming pool section:
"Swimming pools are comprised of many systems and components, all with varying life expectancies. " add many can be severely shortened by improper chemical balance of the water. This is especially true of the interior surface.
This has been my experience being in pool contracting and servicing for 36 years
Original pool pump motors last 5 to 8 years replacement motors 1/2 that.
Sand filters 5-10 years but sand must be replaced every 3
filter cartridges 2 years
DE filter grids 5 years
solar covers 3-5 years
PVC ball valves 2 years (if your lucky and never turn the thing)
what type of heater? gas has a sorter life than a heat pump 3-5 and 5-8 respectively. Solar heat till you have your roof replaced.
Fiberglass pool shell 20+
acrylic deck finish 5 years
Salt chlorine generators 5 years
pool lights incandescent 3 years, fiber optic 3-5 years, led 5-7 years (led are new to the industry in the last 2 or three years so the real life is still a question)