Florida NACHI State Chapter meeting in Orlando on October 25, 2007.


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Here is a copy of an email I received posted for anyone who is currently not on the Florida NACHI email list.

Florida NACHI

Dear Florida NACHI Member,
Our profession is facing some difficult times. Licensing has been passed and will be implemented in 2010. The real estate market continues to worsen with each passing month. We need to be organized and working together to survive the difficulties that we all will face in the coming years. One thing we have all learned from NACHI is that there is strength in numbers. That is why I feel it is important to start a Florida Chapter and make it the strongest organization of home inspectors in the state.
The first meeting of the state chapter is being held in Orlando on October 25, 2007. The meeting will start at 6pm. All inspectors are invited to attend. The state chapter will be set up as a corporation that will be a separate entity from NACHI. It will be governed by a board of directors that is directed by the general membership. The first board will be composed of volunteers. That board will set up guidelines so that the next board will be selected by a vote of the general membership. Anyone that is interested in serving on the first board should send me an e-mail with your contact info and a brief description of how you feel you can best serve.


Jay Schwartz and Gerry Beaumont have been very active in working to help this chapter become a reality. We should have a very strong board if the rest of the members are as dedicated as these two individuals are. A good board member will put the interests of all home inspectors above their own personal agenda.
Please visit the web link for more information and to register for the first meeting of the State Chapter.


Seating is limited for this first meeting.
Register early to insure that you have a seat.

How will a state chapter help me as an inspector and help to promote my business? The chapter will become involved with state licensing. It will work to insure that the current bill is not changed in a manner that would be detrimental to any Florida NACHI member. Jay Schwartz has been involved with licensing for a couple of years now and will continue to work in the best interest of us all.
The chapter will provide continuing education for all of its members on a quarterly basis. These programs will be focused on improving the level of competence for Florida members. This will insure that we provide the best services possible to the citizens of Florida.
The chapter will work on meeting the new education requirements of licensing. The focus will be on obtaining the best education possible at a reasonable cost to our members. Remember as the law stands now we will all have to take a 120 hour course on basis home inspection to qualify for a state license.

The chapter will also be working too obtain a group rate for a 300,000 General Liability Insurance policy that is required by the new license. The chapter will work to provide new revenue streams for its members. Given the current state of the real estate industry this is a very important aspect of the chapter. Just think of the possibilities if we have a network of hundreds of inspectors that can cover the entire state. These programs will be focused on putting money in your pocket, not on giving a separate entity the bulk of any revenue. One program that was recently enacted for Florida NACHI members is being able to perform Four Point Inspections for Citizens Insurance without the need of an electrician. The chapter will continue to work so that more programs like this can be enacted for you.
Joe Burkeson has developed an electronic NACHI Four Point Form that is available to all Florida NACHI members at no charge. I also made a checklist that you can print out and record your data in the field. The checklist flows with the report so it should be very easy to input the data in the electronic form. Joe and I do believe that programs like this will provide a professional appearance for each member and our association. You can access the form through the link below. It has been approved by Citizens Insurance.


The chapter will give you the opportunity to share your thoughts and goals with other members in the state. This chapter will always keep the welfare of its members as its first priority.
The chapter will work to market all of its members to the citizens of Florida. One program that has been mentioned is having a brochure that is set up regionally. This product will focus on the benefits of hiring a Florida NACHI member.
These are just some benefits that have been discussed. I am sure that we will have many new ideas once we all start working together.
I hope that you will join us in establishing the strongest home inspector association in the State of Florida.
Greg Bell

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Contact Us:
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This is the final call for the chapter meeting. I have to give the hotel the final count by 4 PM on Monday. Please register this weekend if you plan to attend.