Florida Part of the State Test

I’ve got to schedule the Florida state test soon. I don’t see the part of the test based on our field as a problem, but in Florida, you’re given a Word document of Chapter 61-30 and told “study this.”

I’m wondering what’s actually on the part of the test based on that document. Any help? Is it more the laws and fines? Is it timeframes and continuing education? Is it the Florida SOP?

Finally, is there a better way to prepare for questions based on Florida Chapter 61-30? Practice tests, etc?

I could be wrong but what I gathered from the link to 61-30 was basically to study the definitions. I would say if you can consistently score in the 90’s on the InterNACHI Online Inspector Examination ( http://www.nachi.org/aboutexam.htm ) then you should not have a problem. There is also the 2087 question practice section ( http://www.nachi.org/practice.htm ). I like this section because it tells you right there and then if you got the question wrong or right.

Sweet. If that’s the case I should be getting close. I scored a 91 the last time I took it and an 85 the first time. That’s good to know.

Nachi practice test is the best way.

Use the NACHI practice exam and you’ll be fine. That’s what I used to study and it helped.

Good Luck

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