Florida proctored exam for grandfathering being offered in Orlando on July 26, 2010.


Am I correct in stating that I need to pass the Florida proctored exam before I can continue doing inspections and file my application with proof of purchase for the general liability policy or can I continue doing inspections and work on completing the exam and purchasing the policy? THANKS!!

The Department is not enforcing until March 2011. After that you need a license.

Can anyone help me find A General liability insurance with cheaper rates.?

Would you be so kind to send me A e-mail with that information.
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What do you consider cheaper rates to be?

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The policy I have that coveres the two of us is $675 for both (not each). a year for $300K GL.

Anyone have any referals for cheep Mold E & O??

I have done well over the 120 inspections, however, I have only recently joined NACHI and have completed 25 hours of the course education. Would I have to go the route of turning in the inspections? I am confused because Section IV on the application has a line for [FONT=ArialMT][size=2]
“Total Hours Completed (Attach certificate of completion of the 120-hour pre-licensure training).”

However, the Florida InterNachi FAQ says that if i have completed 120 inspections all i need is 14 hours of inspection related education.

Also, if i complete all my NACHI course work, do i have to take a proctored exam? Thanks

I am a registered Fl home builder. I have been doing home inspections for years. Although I do not have 100 inspections in the last year to be grandfathered in through that means. Can you walk me through exactly what I most do to get my state cert.?:slight_smile:


Yes, Here ya go: www.floridainternachi.org

I thought “grandfather” licensure was available until March, 2011, but the actual enforcement of requirements would begin July, 2011.

I get so confused. All I know is I’m taking the test in Orlando!