Florida Real Estate Agent Marketing Cards.


Send one to this guy: http://alexbaglioni.com/Inspections.html

He forgot to mention that you should look for a used house sales associate that never charges more than .03% and should show up for the entire time the inspector is on site so they can learn more about the inspection process because it is evident he doesn’t know crap! :twisted:—sorry for posting this here I just saw the “WOW” thread

I have asked Nick this , but he doesn’t understand my question.
Is there a way to find out if the RE’s that I have gave the cards to are doing the CE?
I want to know if this is working or not.

I had one tell me this week they used the course.
I have no notification if so & I thought my name/company shows up for them at the end?
Is their info sold or shared with anyone?

Alex explains a little about these home inspections, and how to avoid
common inspector traps

When I was doing open house marketing, agents were generally very receptive to the free online CE cards.

To include a free wind mitigation report, so you avoid paying another $150.00 to
a different company (this inspection can reduce the cost of hazard & flood
insurance significantly)

At the very least, make sure you get a wind mitigation report included with
your inspection, as well as a termite report, and DON’T EVER PAY OVER $450.00
for the three inspections!

What to avoid:
High inspection costs. Normal range is between $200.00 & $400.00, payable
when the inspection is done. I have seen companies charging close to $1,000.00
to do the same thing another company does for $300.00

We used to have this feature, but were forced to cripple it. Some states found it to be in violation of RESPA but were otherwise fine with the program as long as it didn’t generate an accessible database of real estate agent data that could be mined. We live in an era were not only consumer data, but professional data has to be protected/honored.

You are free to keep track of who you give the free continuing education cards to, but we can’t collect that data for you.

On a side note: The free, approved, online continuing education for real estate agents was a huge hit at NAR’s Annual Convention in San Diego: http://www.nachi.org/forum/f13/hot-pics-buy-back-guarantee-booth-realtors-annual-convention-106530/

well that sucks out loud. is there any way without harvesting information just to know a number count? I sure would like to know if my efforts are paying off

Real estate agents make up most of the students on InterNACHI’s course system by a factor of 2 to 1 over inspectors. There are just a lot of real estate agents compared to inspectors.

well I don’t doubt that! However would there be a way based upon them entering my ID number to find out a total number I don’t want to harvest information I just want to know if they’re using it

What percentage of realtors that get CEU classes through Nachi login through the agent referral card system?

Roy, I believe we both have the same concerns.
The program was not represented the way it has allegedly morphed into.
Bottom line is NACHI gets more attention & we are the carrier pigeons kept in the dark.

So this guy wants cheap soft or no inspections so he can close.
You & I are EVIL $$ grabbing people screwing the buyer.

See and you could be doing that for Contractors as well. Wake Up :slight_smile: Now is the perfect time to get it going for the first of the year.

I want to make sure my efforts are paying off.

I’ll see if they’ll let us post totals in live time. I don’t really know what happens currently.

How about you do a self test?

Use a different email address or a friend’s. Pretend you are an agent. Enter a course as if you were one of your own local agents. See what happens. Finish the course. See what happens. See if you are emailed anything from you. See if the agent (you) are emailed anything from the inspector (you). And see if the inspector (you) are emailed anything from the agent (you).

I’ve actually never done this test. Report back here.

In what way?

I thought the idea was to help out agents & getting some kind of acknowledgement for turning them on to it. Marketing!
Like when the course is completed, the inspector’s logo and/or information showed up, you know,
like “courtesy of Nachi & Roy Lewis ~ www.1stproinspection.com
Phone 386-454-1584” Click here to thank Roy.
I have no clue how the marketing works for me. or if it does at all.
Thought it was a wonderful idea & thought it was great marketing for me.
That’s all we’re asking here is there a benefit for us.

The inspector outlet site says:

Targeted marketing strategy for Florida home inspectors!
After a real estate pro completes a course, your company information comes up on the screen and is promoted to the agent.