Florida Realtor Selling Wind Mitigation & Four Point Inspections

Forget Full-Time Licensed Home Inspectors… Who really needs a home inspector when there are full-service Realtors who can do it all? Only in Florida! :shock:

The document was too large for the NACHI Server, you can find here on my website.

Realtor Sells $75 Wind Mitigation & Four Point Inspections](http://www.square-oneinspection.com/attachments/File/Samples/RealtorWindMit.pdf)

Wow, reading all the problems y’all got in Florida, I’m glad I don’t live there, but I feel your struggle. More power to you.

I think if one were to remove a layer or two from this onion they will find a spouse who is part of the “team”.

It is common in my state…and I presume others, as well…for a husband and wife to team together to share in the sales commission resulting from a “closed deal” by covering all the bases. She does the sale…he does the “objective” home inspection…and the commission goes into the joint account.

It would make sense for her to offer his ancillary service, as well.

Great - as of today the owner of this company has NO STATE LICENSES.
I searched on Michael Beauchemin, who is the sole owner per FloridaDivision of Corp records.

Another prostitute of the industry @ $75 for a WindMit…

I called the 800 # and the company seems not to exist… 4 point insurance inspections is the name they give on the answering machine. Marc you were faster than I but seems we both found the same reality. He could employ a GC though who knows

So who needs a license? Any one can do this. Even if licensing was implemented properly there’s no enforcement untill July. Not that it’s right but that’s the way it is, just get a Contractor to sign for you.