Florida renewed my home inspector and mold assessors licenses.

Its great! Everyone should go and see how this guy works. It is marketing 211 at its best.

This guy rode the Chinese Drywall to the hilt and made a ton of money doing so. But apparently that gravy train has all but dried up, so a new guy who is going to be the Messiah for Mold is Gold!

I only read a portion of his crap before a little vomit started to burn my throat. His books, teaching and all the other crap is nothing but marketing at its finest!

If you throw enough material at people and a big degree, BOOM YOUR that authority on it! So many marketing people tell you that to be considered a leader in your industry you have to write educational books and then GIVE THEM AWAY…Hell look at NACHI!

John Eggen has been teaching this marketing method for years.

Now this guy, who is a MOLD REMEDIATOR, want to have absolutely no checks and balances. he wants to use inferior tools such as shop vacs and 1 4 mil bag instead of two 6 mils bags that EVERYONE of authority says to use. But him, because he is Dr. ROSEN!

So he wants to walk into a house, assess it then clean it then test it. What a load of crap that it. How about a party who has no financial gain, inspect it and come up with the protocol? When it is all done they come back and make sure it was done right and test? Seems logical to me. Keeps everyone in check, unbiased people doing the assessment.

This guys BS is nothing but a marketing ploy and should be stopped ASAP. Checks and balances are a good thing.

So for the people who read it, keep in mind this guy makes money doing remediation work. I bet you will see it very clearly, once you know his motives.

His class if free and if you ask me it is overpriced! Most of it is pure crap and will do nothing but get assessors into trouble. Once again, follow what you want, the EPA, OSHA, IICRC…whomever you want to. But a written standard that has been around is a ton better than Dr. Rosen, said I could!

Russell, what guy are you talking about?

Oh, wait, I found him: Dr. Rosen.

I talked to Dr Rosen on the phone about his classes. He said as a home inspector I could take mold samples and sell this device as long as I do it during and as part of a home inspection. I can’t find any laws or statutes to claim this, is there any? He said it changed in 2012. Thanks