Florida Senate HI bill (SB-2234)

Do you have a survey that shows that graduates of your course have fewer incidents of drug abuse and criminal behaviour?:smiley:

Seriously, Greg, this addition to the bill relating to wind mitigation is disturbing. Is there a strategy (don’t share it on the board if there is) to split the bill?

Hi James,

No we don’t have any information to document that.

It is little things like the ICC - no drug test that gets bills killed

Like the past bills this one has problems

Please send a message to your rep. Email, Phone, written and contact everyone else you can even if they are not HI’s

**Jay **Help us out a little - Is the “HI group” still alive and what do you think they will be doing in related to this bill?

Your thoughts please - or are you burnt out??

I am having a problem seeing NAHI in this bill - There is a restriction about doing repairs by the HI


Only prior to closing Richard




Good eve

Understand – Me thinks that this is too short of a time window. As a contractor doing HI’s this would not be a problem esp if he had a signed contract that said two or three months so that the work would start after closing

BTW thanks for the post

This looks like another Florida mess

I can see a lot of tax money being spent on wind that will not save their home and we get a higher cost of doing business that we will pass on to our clients

No, we do not get screwed but our clients do

I have already sent off my email and Monday some letters – Thinking about an office visit or parking lot if that is what it takes

Thanks again for your thought and have a good weekend with yours



Are you kidding me Greg. Someone out there has a buddy who will get the contract. They will sub-contract it. Follow the money trail. But several guys have friends who want the sub-contracting. They will fight about it and it will die again.


Hey Gary,

Who really knows what will happen?

Only time will tell.

Has there ever been one drafted that we liked? I thought the final 2005 was good.

Could everyone list their dislikes of the proposed bill. I am making a list.

How about we change our profession to Home Evaluators to skirt the bill.

Can someone explain the grandfather clause to me. If you have been inspecting for three years by 2009 then you are grandfatherd correct?

What does being grandfathered include or exclude an inspector from? Im not sure im
interrupting the bill correctly can someone please explain - Thanks

I thought it said 2007

Hi to all:

Let it be known that this is a public thread and there are organizations outside of NACHI that are monitoring this thread.

I encourage those outside of NACHI to actiively participate by documenting their feelings about the lastest bill.

It is now time to let the NACHI membership know what ASHI, FABI, and NAHI inspectors and their elected leadership plan on doing with this latest bill.

Recent meetings over the past few months with the ASHI, FABI, and NAHI leadership left me with the hope that honest and open comminucation would allow the inspection industry to come together for the greater cause.

I now challenge those members of the coalition to address the NACHI membership whether they are supporting or not supporting this bill as written and why.

I was recently questioned as to who helped Senator Wise draft the latest bill.

Close to 1500 Florida NACHI inspectors would like to know.

Thanks in advance,

All those in business when the bill takes effect should be grandfathered or no grandfathering at all.

Those in business should be able to stay in business

I am going to ask his office to see his campain contro list

Gary I sent him an email

House bill submitted yesterday


In an odd twist, should not a HI whom is licensed under Part I of this bill be “added” to the list of other exempted licensed professionals in Part III along with contractors, appraisers, etc. for the Wind Mitigation license.
That is the problem with these succotash type bills. It is a convoluted mix mash of requirements. I’m sure a good Constitutional lawyer would have a field day with it.


The Bill will put those out of business on January 1, 2009, IF they were not in business by June 30, 2004 unless they get 120 hours of education. It appears the examination will not have to be complied with if you were in business prior to July 1, 2004.

To be a mold inspector, the grandfathering requires documented experience since 2003. AND you can’t remediate a property you inspected for 12 months. Seems like they left that out on the HI side.

I would like to thank everyone who contacted me over the weekend. Your solitude is much appreciated.


Will they require a copy of a 2004 occupational license as proof when one started their business?