Florida specific sale

WindMitigations.com domain plus 60+ other related domains, OrlandoWindMitigations.com, TampaWindMitigations, etc. for sale.
Paid $3000.oo to Web Designer for site yet to be developed. Includes 1-866-WINDMIT (844 946-3648) toll free number. Logo.
Is Sunbiz registered, can assume or dissolve. Fictitious name registered.
Make/Best offer. Moving on to other ventures, don’t have time to develop.

sell it to thomas…

The website is not visible. WindMitigations.com

John, it smells BAD to me…


What happened? you were so excited about it a few months back?

Of course the site is not visible, I said it was not developed yet.

Smells bad, nice opinion Marc. You know nothing about me. Very typical of this board to pile on with brainless opinions, classic.

Between the valuable consulting with Nick, Nathan, Russel and a few others over the past few months, there is a solid foundation if someone wanted to develop the business model that we came up with and put it into action.

I’m only selling it as I have other opportunities I am pursuing.
Members on the board who actually know me, know the story.

Now it smells worse than bad

Sorry to see you go Greg. Hope everything works out and much success and fortune to you wherever it is you’re heading.


Thanks Bert, you and a few others who have contacted me are class acts.