Florida State Exam

Hi all,

I recently took the Florida State Exam through Pierson Vue and my results were less than desirable. I feel pretty well versed with the material. The challenge is in the way the questions are asked and to be honest, I feel like a lot of it is based on my knowledge of their review questions (which they charge a lot for). Most of my questions were on heating systems; this caught me off guard. I mean, this is the FLORIDA State Exam.

Has anyone had this issue? How did you rectify it? I’d prefer not to give Pierson Vue any more money then I had to. I’m going to do the review questions on this site.

Thank you in advance for any help/advice.

This is NOT a joke. You may want to wait on this and see what happens, it may be better to obtain a contractors license rather than a home inspectors license. Seriously read the threads about the licensing in Florida…

Mike, one of my inspectors had the same problem. Some people are poor test takers. You have to learn to read and interpret the questions and find the BEST answer. I just took it myself just to experience it. I would review the heating systems you are not familiar with, including graphics that you can find on them, if you can not see one in action. Carson Dunlop has some books that are used as reference. You can also check the NAHIE website for more references.