Florida, the class to InterNachi

I took the two week 1,995 class here in Florida. Now taking course’s an free exams on this site are driving me crazy dealing with two different points of view.

I gave up on the other site to even log into my one year free membership provided from the class. I am gonna stick with Nachi because they actually help us non members during the stressful time of starting a business.

Anyone got any pointers on how to remember the Nachi standards after learning “other” standards? I am 0 - 4 in the 25 standard and practice test to get my membership and took the course 3 times. The info is just getting scrambled up, and can see it on the test results.


Need more information as to who or what this “other” is you speak of. Difficult to offer opinions without understanding the full picture. Be more specific. I pray you do a chit load better expressing yourself in your reports.

Pay attention when you take the course.

Yes, in easy words.

I learned standards from taking a class.
Now I am trying to do the Nachi standards and getting confused on the best answers on the standards an practices test.

I was trying to write it politicaly correct here and explain it as best as could. Sorry for the confusion.

**Whose **class? Internachi’s? ASHI’s? Local community college? Inspection school? Joe Blow’s school of fictional writing? You need to help us help you!