Florida - Three Busted in License Scams


The story didn’t address any action taken against the construction firms…

are they getting off??

"The alleged mastermind of the scheme, Lazaro Herrera, failed to turn himself in to police today as promised, Miami-Dade Police Director Robert Parker said.

Herrera, Joaquin Barros and Jerry Hernandez have been charged with racketeering, conspiracy, scheme to defraud, unlawful access of a computer network, official misconduct, grand theft and unlawful compensation.

State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle said convictions could land the trio in prison for more than 20 years."

Book 'em Dano!!!

They’re the ones who perpetrated the scheme. They sold the phony documents to companies that couldn’t get a license or permit or just didn’t want to wait. What happens to those companies? They knew they were doing wrong also.

If I couldn’t get a license, and some guy who works for the licensing department comes up to me and says, “Pssst, hey, Buddy–(looks furtively over his shoulder to make sure he’s not being watched)–ya wanna buy a license?”–I think I’d be pretty sure something is not quite right.

From: http://www.miamidade.gov/contractors/

"In order to protect the public from improperly licensed contractors, we have created a website and launched a public awareness campaign to inform homeowners and business owners who may be affected. This website lists contractors who the County has reason to believe obtained their licenses illegally.

I want to assure residents that we are aggressively pursuing this matter. Persons involved will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law."

…in the end companies are contractors.

I feel so much better now–thanks, Larry.

And they worry soooo much about licensing of home inspectors.

What about those who actually build the houses.

Around here, to be a “licensed general contractor”, the only thing you have to do is prove to the local municipality that you have GL insurance and pay a license fee (NOT a state license).

All subs working on the house work under the GCs license and don’t need their own license.

BUT, this is not understood by the public! They believe that GCs have to take classes and pass a big exam.

EDUCATE! That’s the key.

You are dating yourself.

Joe! Glad you came.

How cal it be justified, legally, that home inspectors must be licensed (I am speaking of Illinois, in particular) with education requirements, exams and background checks, but general contactors can just prove they have GL insurance, pay a small fee ($35.00) and start building a house.

I am really curious.

Well, I really don’t know. It probably has something to do with the impact on the public. Before a CofO is issued the builder has to demonstrate a high degree of competence in the way of mutiple intrusive inspections by various municipal agencies and code enforcement bureaucrats.

There’s nothing between a HI and the public except, perhaps, licensing.

Joe, you don’t understand one thing.

Up untill recently (about the last 5 months) The City of Chicago did NOT issue certificates of occupancy. They reauired permits and cam out and checked the rough work, but no final City inspection.

They are now doing it, but as an option (AND for a big additioanal fee).

Do you really want to trust a local government to completely inspect, based upon minimum standards (that are as much political as they are technical), especially when the local government specifically disclaims all legal liability for any defects the miss?

What the freak is the point. All the authority, but none of the responsibilty is a heck of a situation.

Well, like I said, I really don’t know. I’m just speculating.

No CofOs? No wonder that town burned down once.

In the old days, the headline would have been:

**Thousands affected by county building license scheme as Miami swelters

“Well, like I said, I really don’t know. I’m just speculating.”

And you call yourself a Philadelphia Lawyer?

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Joe, in many states, Washington included, a general contractors license is only about the financial abililty to buy GL insurance. At least here it is done by the state instead of the local municipality. Certificates of Occupancy don’t really have much meaning. Local building inspectors typically spend no more than 15 minutes on site for any given inspection, including final. There is no way that they have the time or inclination to do a real inspection. So combine “bought license” with “overscheduled inspector” and you get Caveat Emptor when it comes to the homebuyer.