Florida Tiki Torch! Must read..Yep!

I did an inspection today in Gainesville FL in the student ghetto near UF, and as I approached the home I seen the gas utilities truck along with all the other utilities there and their several supervisors.
They had shut all utilities off because of this.
They told me it was a “Burning Man”… I may have heard them wrong, but,
I was told this thing could shoot flames up to 35 to 50 feed if supplies correctly.
It was hooked to city gas with a schrader valve in the tower. I was told the valve was to add what ever gas they wanted to add to make the effects stronger.
Anyone ever seen this?
I want one!
I convinced them to turn on the water and the power.

Defect of the month.

That would be cool. Did you offer to “dispose” of it for them?

I only got one thing to say…

what in tarnation.jpg

Its a gas powered tiki torch that has been modified .

I can hear the fire department coming now.:wink: