Florida to accept 120 hours of InterNACHI's free, online courses for pre-licensing.

Florida home inspector pre-licensing 120-hour course.

You only need 120 hours.

Good job nick!!

Just out of curiosity, How will log home inspections help us.

Not only will it give us 8 hours of required instruction but you will occaisonally encounter (1:25000 chance) of doing a log home inspection.

there are more than a few log homes around Brooksville…not many more than a few though.

You can substitute the free, online Wind Mitigation Inspection course for it. More FL appropriate. I’ll have a clearer pre-licensing webpage for you this week, but all courses are getting approved one way or the other.

I have not seen one yet in the panhandle of Florida. Is this a hard requirement? Those with Engineering degres, former Florida licensed contractors and with over 8 years in the business and over 1,500 inspections, do they needs the pre-licensing courses in order to be grandfather-in??

There will be no grandfathering of anyone.

EXCELLENT… Thanks Nick

This thread is nonsense at this time, any future changes to the existiting passed HI law need to go before the legislatures, while completing a documented 120 hours of education (and passing NHIE) would be a smart move for Florida HI’s at this time there simply is NO grandfathering and DBPR cannot even allow it under the existing law. If members realy want to effect change in this area go talk to your local Representatives and Senators, those are the people who will decide what any future glitch bill looks like.

Get a grip people, or get run over.


InterNACHIs outstanding education courses not only allow members to set themselves apart from their competition, but give the folks in Florida a jump on licensing as an educational requirement will surely exist.

Rather than stress what may or may not come from licensing requirements, simply making sure we have 120 hrs of CE in the bank is a win-win; the majority of the courses are required for sustained InterNACHI membership anyway. It can’t be made much easier (to access).

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Well said Gerry

Bruce Grant has since moved to another state department, however, I’ve been assured that the glitch bill will not go against the original legislative intent which was to license home inspectors based on education. The legislators were very specific and even went as far as to determine the exact number of hours of education required: 120. And trying to change that would require more than department recommended glitch language. I’ve also been assured that InterNACHI’s courses, which already enjoy more state approvals and accreditations than any others in our industry, will not be rejected. I’m pretty satisfied.

Do we have it officially? No. Will grandfathering survive the glitch bill? I don’t know. All I can say with some certainty is that if you do 120 hours of www.nachi.org/pre.htm you will get your license.

Thanks Nick:cool:, InterNachi, Be all you can be!

Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. No sense in stressing over it.

Crap! I got 152 hours of continuing education course credits from Inachi. Can we remove some so I only have 120?

I think you just have to do the coarse in reverse, that should take off those pesky credits :twisted:

Why is there 145 hours on the 120 hour list???

Because it adds up to more than 120 hours.

One of the FL DBPR requirements for grandfathering an HI license is 14 hrs verifiable education and pass a proctored exam. Does NACHI give a proctored exam? If not who does?

Yes & No
Florida InterNACHI offers a proctored exam for $100.00 — Contact Zoe Fackler for details http://fl.nachi.org/info/members.html

This site has the info you need