Florida WDO License

I don’t know why you’re making jokes John, it’s not funny.

Home Inspectors are performing illegal WDO inspections because you told them all they needed to do was have an I.D. card (which requires you to be an employee to even have in in the first place) and letter their vehicle. That information was false.

I have told you countless times that the things you are teaching Home Inspectors is not only incorrect, but dangerous to Florida families. You once accused me of trying to take money from Home Inspectors by effecting their “livelihood”. What you were teaching them was wrong and could have them losing their licenses for doing so. Think about that for a minute…set aside your ego and just drink that in a bit.

I’m very busy with wind mitigations, including the site which provides FREE information to inspector’s state wide. Accurate information. The site is moderated by licensed Building Inspectors, Contractors, Engineers, Home inspectors, and even a few industry associations who joined. We even have an FRSA member.

Membership is small right now, but I’m guessing that will change once I start reviewing wind mitigation forms for insurers. I have been consulted by a major insurer for performing wind mitigations that comment on building codes, it appears as though this is something they are currently interested in, making sure that installed mitigation techniques are actually installed correctly……go figure.

I’m not worried, I’m sure the information on the site will work its’ way into your presentations at some point, kind of like the WDO inspection information magically changed your mind.

As for the proposal….fortunately, I’m already taken. I know you know this because you have met my fiancee’ numerous times. Grow up John.

So- for further clarification: Could a regular guy (such as a home inspector- or a mobile car washer for that matter- get a pest control company license (as required) and not be a “certified operator” by simply paying the fee/tax? Assuming that the owner of the company then hires a full time “certified operator” to directly supervise any employees doing inspections or chemical applications?

Yes, the business license and operator license are separate.

Yes, a car washer could obtain a pest control business license for his company.
The business license is for the entity, not the individual.
The key is he needs to be or have a state lic PC operator in charge of the operation along with proof of mandatory insurance.
You cannot get the business licensed without a PCO in the first place.

So… my firm All Tropic Pest & Termite Service Inc has a state business license.
In this case I am the operator in charge of the operation.
As John said two separate licenses. :slight_smile: