Florida Wind Mitigation (garage door)

Is it track brackets per side or total from both sides?

Not sure what you are asking, but the impact resistant doors will have 6 or 7 brackets on the track. If not, you may only see 3 or 4 brackets.

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Joshua, my O.H. door has 4 brackets per side but I’m in N. MI

Hi, I was asking is it 6-7 per side? Or like 8-10 total between both sides?

That’s as unclear as the first post.

For Wind Mitigation, you can have 200 tracks per side, but without a rating, product approval or label on the door, it doesn’t matter for the form.


Hi, thanks for the response. The problem is the door is indeed rated but it only has 4 fasteners per side on a 20’ door. I looked it up and says a min 7-10 fasteners but not if it’s 7-10 per side or total

Joshua, I would guess 7 to 10 per side. Otherwise, there could be 3 on 1 side and 4 on the other side (7)…but I am in N. MI

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Well, then that is weird. If it is rated, it will have at least 7 per side. I would mark it as “appears to be, but not verified” on the wind mit

Post some photos, door and label, please.

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