Florida Wind Mitigation Spray foam insulation

When performing a wind mitigation inspection in the state of Florida, If the roof has spray foam insulation covering all areas including the areas where the clips are. Do we disturb the insulation? i.e. cut open an access to see clips, Sheathing attachment etc.? Is this acceptable is the real question. Does it cross any lines?

Never damaged insulation or you’ll pay for it. Just note on the wind form inaccessible


I would never do that like Roy said. If they have spray foam insulation I just mark unable to inspect. You may also want to ask them when scheduling if they have spray foam or not and if they do it might not even be worth doing the wind mit.


That’s what I thought. I’m new at wind mitigation’s and the local inspectors are cutting insulation away to access the roofing components. So I wanna make sure I didn’t miss anything in my training. Thank You!

You are good brother!

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