does anyone have the latest info/news in regards to future lic. requirements"

Paul Caruthers
St. Pete, FL

Licensing office won’t open till mid 2009.

It’s gonna suck!

Only for non-members.

I hope there is a plan in place to at least compete with those over at the NHIE who I am sure are pushing their exam as the only state exam. Maybe it it time to get with FABI to make sure there are at leas two acceptable state exams… Just thinking out loud.

I’ve been reading the bill, well…the analyses and econimc impact statement…not a great read.

i have yet to find anything that gives specific date…and how the entend to Grandfather the existing inspectors.

The My Safe Florida Home program has officially stopped taking new apps for wind mit inspections.

Lets hope it stays that way.

There ain’t no grandfather clause… everyone has to sit the 80 hours & take an exam.

I thought it was 120 hours?


I think there will be a change come may 2009.