Alright Florida guys, My family and I are heading to Clearwater Beach this weekend and staying till the 14th for vacation. I dont like taking a vacation at this time but the parents rented 2 condos for the whole family and my wifes only week of vacation. Never been to Clearwater so wheres a good place to eat? Something fun to do with children? Without children? Owning/running a small business takes alot of time away from family and I’m not that excited about going for there is so much to do at our busy time of year but this is a much needed vacation!!

P.S. If any Florida inspectors need any help give me a call because there is 17 people on this trip and 8 of them children = me going CRAZY!

My best advice is to post this in the Florida section.
Some folks only look there.
Good Luck.

its all good and we welcome your money - spend freely

If your at the beach check out Frenchys Rockaway Grill…open air bar and its right on the sand!
The Pavillion next to Frenchys is good also.

or in Indian Rocks Beach try Guppys…(all time #1 seafood in my book )
Guppys used to have a local lady made and deliver pies daily. Pie of the day was what ever the lady felt like making. Best blackberry pie I ever ate.