Floridians learning about boilers?

Hi, I am about to take the HVAC CE credits. But, I was wondering why we home inspectors in South Florida have to learn about boilers etc…heat systems used in northern climates? I had to take an ASHI course and so much was about things we don’t even deal with. I see mostly concrete slab foundations with reinforced brick wall structures, too. Only thing is I’'m sure I probably won’t retain the information because I don’t see northern issues on my home inspections. And I hate wasting time learning something I won’t retain! Arg.:slight_smile:

More knowledge is never wasted .
You now will be able to answer if ever the need comes along .
Good for you all the best… Roy

Thanks, Roy. I know it’s fun at least. Or maybe in a pinch if I’m out of state- which I never am- I can see some system that I never normally see.

Isn’t a boiler something to cook vegetables in?

Nope that is a double boiler:p

Not a boiler from today’s inspection in Central Florida.


Wow! :wink: