Fluctuating Lake Level

Inspected a house with a 2 story boat house on a lake, that
fluctuates as much as 50 feet up and down.



Would be interesting to see what type of water, sewer, and power adapters they have for that John. Have any?:):smiley:

Water: Garden hose.
Power: Orange Extension Cords
Sewer: Dude… It’s a lake :mrgreen:

Damn your funny Mark. :wink:

They had no sewer system (unless the hole in the closet was the
toilet… just joking).

They had power (wire) run to the boat dock and submersible pumps to
feed the sprinklers to the main house (about 400 feet up the hill).

The stairs going down to the floating boat house were extremely long
and had to be readjusted every time the lake went up and down.


Beautiful boathouse. How often does the lake fluctuate?

It depends… sometimes we have Texas droughts and sometimes we have
flooding rains. You never know. Levels are very low at this time.




What the heck is the name of a lake that goes up and down 50 feet?

They all go up and down at least 50 feet here. WTF is the big deal???

Man made Pond lol


We’re Northerners. To us if a lake fluctuate’s by a foot it’s panic time. LOL

A “reservoir”. :wink:

Around here we build on the shorelines.

I guess building dams where needed might actually help.