FLUKE Announces New Cameras & Price War Reduction

Bob my TiR32 is like serial number 4 or something extremely low. I was one of the first to get one. I honestly do not remember what I paid. But when researching them I found it at like $8999 at the time (i am shooting of the cusp) and that was the price because it was new and it was the bomb at the time.

Out of a hunch I emailed John and he told me that he could get it for me for $7999. To me it was a no brainer…what would you do?

Bob, I would imagine that there are a ton of people selling these and sometimes manufactures give rock bottom pricing. They do it one Rolex’s, golf clubs, and many other items. If you advertise below the lowest price they pull your stock and your right to sell the items. This might be the case here as well.


The person (Vendor on Ebay) selling,
and is now …
Reselling with warranty…
Does that not make you wonder what the Actual Cost of this equipment is?

OK thanks.
Watching this stuff for when I feel like buying.

Doubt I will even bother to mention I do it except to clients since I have no intention of making IR some kind of big career move.:slight_smile:

Great supplement but seeing guys go fanatic makes me cringe.
Not sure they even do the rest of the inspection at times…LOL

Actually Bob, John is not lying about his posting of prices. He is also not lying about getting cease and desists from manufacturers. He just has to get “clever” in his postings to let you know that he will get you a low ball price.

My contention is, at the end of the day the savings isn’t worth it for multiple reasons.

  1. John has already confirmed that these manufacturers are not happy about the business model he has chosen. What do you think those manufacturers are going to do to the distributors that John uses? If they cut their line, and they will, then how are they going to support you in the future?

  2. Who do you call when you need someone for your camera or service/calibration? John isn’t an authorized distributor and the manufacturers hate him (his words not mine). So then he contacts the place he got it from, but guess what the manufacturer pulled that distribution line because of the association with John. John simply sets up a new relationship with another distributor willing to take the risk, until that one gets a cease and desist or gets their distribution pulled.

  3. Does John keep loaner cameras around for you guys? I actually do not know the answer to this, but a very strong guess is…NO.

  4. Does John have strong relationships with all the Fluke/FLIR/Testo local reps and national reps? John has already answered that by saying that the manufacturers hate him. The good news here for you guys is you are Nachi members and Nick has your back with these relationships. Even then, it isn’t as powerful as large distributor.

Once again I have no issue what John is teaching and invite all HIs to take his course when entering the IR HI world. However the old adage of you get what you pay for holds true even though it is the same product from John that you get from a distributor.


Contact your sales rep who sold you your camera. He can help with parts and other needs. He is a very large dealer. Do not call FLUKE’s main office.

I would be SOL. Lets just say I have had 3 Fluke cameras and the product is OK, the support is horrible. So much so that I think Flir will get my business in the future. I am not the fastest learner in the bunch, but sooner or later I get it.

What could John have done for me? I don’t know. I didn’t even ask him. One would think that the FLUKE customer support would be able to…well…support the people in a fast and professional manner. But they always seem to surprise me and at the same time, disappoint me. Two birds with one stone I guess.

I can see your a Fluke support guy. Step one, let people know like this that you can help them. This is the first I have heard of you. Would have been better to know like 14 hours ago, but the parts are already ordered…I think…never got the confirmation email…go figure more horrible support. So if its ordered or not, I have no idea…when it will get here…I also have no idea. Gotta love Fluke.

Just imagine a home inspection company sending your to three different people, then one person twice to get the address of the house and then say it will be given to the booking department and they will get you scheduled sometime in the future…that would be one broke HI company…One person at a time leaving Fluke is all it takes…


Here is the contact information for your distributor if you need it,



I understand what you are saying…

The Distributor
If producing Volume
can negotiate better pricing
for his customers

If a Manufacturer complains (on pricing or volume)…

Distributer cedes relationship…
and moves customer base…
To a new Tool and Manufacturer…

Business 101

That would be YOU…LOL…At least I thought it was you…who knows. Getting old and it was a long time ago.

Keep trying, but your prices are too high. It will not work spreading
lies about me.:mrgreen:


I have news for ya brother, this is all large companies now a days. The problem is they are paying lower wages to reps that answer the phones. The higher up people, like the local reps or rep agencies are all on commission. Who is going to have more motivation?

If you search through some of the threads there are multiple ones with both manufacturers customer service department being questionable, but once a line was dropped to the higher ups the problems were resolved.


Thanks bro…just everyday there is a ton of stuff to do…I just think if I need a fluke product I should call Fluke…silly me…I think tom was the guy I bought my camera from. SUPER guy and great customer service.

You never paid me a dime for a FLUKE camera. I have never sold any. I have never sold any FLUKE cameras in my life. I almost started selling FLIR, but backed away from it. Contact me and I can put you in touch with a FLUKE authorized dealer who sells cameras to our students. john(at)infrared-certified.com

You are correct, you never did. I agree and I was wrong. I already ordered the stuff…at least I think I did…who knows…:slight_smile:

Just save yourself the email.


And no he doesn’t outsell us, he has basically 1 product line. We sell more in just fall protection that he does in IR training and cameras combined. The real goofy part of the whole relationship is that John blasts Level X guys and yet moves cameras through a company that sells Level X training…what gives?


Liar. You just can’t help it can you…:mrgreen: Your prices are over a $1000 too high on many products.
Your low camera volume keeps your camera prices high. I know you cannot compete.

oh come on John, I have done nothing but advocate your training throughout this thread. However, scroll up, Russell said he bought the Ti32 that you sold him through Tom Black and Associates.

Now it looks like I am giving bad advice because you are saying this isn’t your source, which makes one of us a liar and Russell already admitted it…hmmmm :mrgreen:


John, we don’t even list prices for cameras on our site so how are they too high?









I never blast Level X training. It is good for it’s intended purpose.
When FLIR created building science certification courses, you
even said it was because the level I class did not meet the need
of inspectors.

Your prices are $1000 too high on many items. My students have
told me hundreds of times our prices are the lowest in the USA…:mrgreen:

You just posted prices on this thread.

If you want to compare prices, go ahead. I am always interested in the lowest price. Show us…:mrgreen:

Now is your chance.

I like a good price war. Show us your low prices or send them to me so I can see you indeed
have the lowest prices.