Fluke Connect Users?

Any of you guys use the Fluke connect equipment? If so have you had any issues? I mainly want my meters to connect to the camera so I don’t have to constantly look at the meter then the camera, and it saves the data to the photos.

I have had zero success with Flir, I had a Fluke TIR before the Flir E40bx and had zero problems with that camera. I’m wondering if the new Fluke cameras are reliable.

I like all the options I have with the Flir like the app system and the touch screen on the camera, but it’s just not reliable. It cost me more time messing with it than it does taking photos.

No issues with my A3000-FC Wireless AC Current Clamp meter and my camera.
I am using a Ti300 60Hz.and own a Ti100 9Hz (for sale) Both work with wireless connections flawlessly.
They are larger and slightly heftier than Flur,

Thanks after reviewing Fluke I really wish they had more building science applications. Most of their stuff seems to aimed toward mechanical. The main thing they are missing is a psychrometer/moisture meter like FLIR has. I did have much better luck with my Fluke as far as reliability.