FLUKE image clarity(Ti-32)?

Damn it Linas
Why did you not warn me sooner , good news it can be dropped 6 feet bad news it melts at 550 so it survived when i dropped it after burning my hand getting out of the oven . :shock:

You can use Sean’s since he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

I’m in a huge hurry but this is about as dead on as it gets. Thanks Scott!

It’s a FLUKE thing and only a high resolution rainbow Palette FLUKE thing. The FLUKE and FLIR have different amounts of colors effecting the resolution of the rainbow high contrast palettes. My FLUKE images are crisp and perfect on all other palletes because the higher amount of colors aren’t needed.

I knew somebody had to know what was going on! Problem solved! question answered! Thanks again Scott!

Good night