Fluke or Flir

Which one of these brand IR camera would be your pick?

John Cubit
JC Home/Mold Inspections

how much are you planning to spend?

Just hang around for a minute. Every salesman in the woods will show up.

If you need a camera, I have a database of available cameras so you can get a “real camera” for the pretend camera price. (Just friends that have upgraded cameras or are retiring).

I think you need to compare the specs with what you want to do, and where you want to be in a few years. then match up with a sales person and try them out, which feels better, which will operate to your needs and can adapt to your inspection style. field reports completed on your camera , or massaged some on the laptop. It is such a broad question and there is sooo much inbetween.
talk to the folks here that use cams for a living and find out why they like the ones they chose.

All FLUKE cameras endure the drop test way better than others. The day you drop your camera, this is all that matters. I know this from personal experience.

Dollar for dollar, you get more resolution from a FLUKE as well.

Im hoping Santa hooks up a Fluke!

just get drop insurance with your lease